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One of my favorite episodes of the MacSB Podcast was Episode 5: MacWorld and 2 Man Companies. In it, Scotty1 talked at length with his guest John Chaffey2 about how many successful Mac small businesses are founded and run by 2 people - a designer and a coder.

Want proof? Look no further than a couple of the greats, Delicious Monster and Panic, Inc. - each company founded by an incredible designer and an incredible programmer.

So, I started thinking, with Indie Mac businesses springing up all over the place, how can we make the process of finding a partner (or employer/employee) easier? Looking around, there weren't many good options.

And so it is with great pleasure, I produced MacYenta.com in the hopes of helping those of common interest find each other. Enjoy.

- Matt James () See my profile

1   Steven Scott (Scotty) is founder of the Mac Developer Network and host of all its podcasts.
2   John Chaffey is a co-founder of BusyMac, authors of BusySync, the fantastic iCal syncing app.

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